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Recently Completed Projects

The Academy Theatre at Lighthouse International

Breen Electrical Contractors Inc. is proud of its seventeen year relationship with Lighthouse International. When the Lighthouse asked if we would be interested in working with Cohen Bros. Realty to help construct the new Academy Theatre, we were excited! Lighthouse International, the premier non-profit organization dedicated to fighting vision loss, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, unveiled the new Academy Theatre. The theatre is a state of the art facility, featuring 3D capability and other state-of-the-art film and video technology, the Academy Theatre is home to the Academy's weekly screenings and events on the east coast, as well as Lighthouse International events.

According to Bud Rosenthal, Chairman of the Academy’s New York Events Committee, “We are delighted with the renovations at the Academy Theater. The theater is beautiful, comfortable and technologically advanced. It is the ideal place for the Academy’s weekly screenings of first-run films, Monday Nights with Oscar(R) monthly public film series, Annual Student Academy Awards(R) program, tributes and other events.” Last year Lighthouse International and the Academy announced a 10 year contract that extended the relationship they have had since 2002.
Breen Electrical Contractors Inc. scope of work encompassed all facets of wiring and installation for the theatre:
  • - Power panels and distribution
  • - LED and color changing LED Lighting
  • - Dimming System
  • - Complete Fire System and Smoke Purge for public assembly requirements
  • - Emergency Lighting for public assembly requirements
  • - Sound wiring and controls
  • - Projection and Sound Booth wiring
  • - HVAC power and controls
Highlights of Technical Screening Features35MM FILM PROJECTION includes:
  • . Century 35MM Film Projectors
  • . Large Matte White Mini Perf Screen - 25’-5” W x 10’-8” H
  • . Dolby Digital SRD 5.1 and Dolby Digital EX 6.1 Digital Film Sound
  • . 7000 watt JBL Subwoofer System and 4000 watt M&K Surround System
  • . Total Sound System wattage 23,000 Watts
  • . Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus Playback all with Blu-Ray
  • . Digital Cinema 2K DLP Video Projection.
  • . Dolby 3D Projected Images
  • . Dolby Cinema Server (DCP) Playback Storage
  • . Blu-Ray Playback or DVD Upconverted 1080P Playback
  • . HD-CAM SR, D5, HD CAM, DV CAM and DIGI-BETA playback upon special request.
  • . Assisted Listening Headset System for people who are hearing impaired
  • . Live Descriptive Listening for selected features for people who are visually impaired
Highlights of architectural features:
  • . Neon Theater marquee
  • . 220 seating capacity
  • . Silver House Curtain and a Sheer Title Curtain
  • . New seating and carpeting
  • . Enhanced computerized light presentation
  • . Handicapped accessibility and seating areas
  • . Lobby area with stainless steel bar for receptions or breaks
  • Aisle and seating lights
  • . Spacious and completely renovated tiled bathrooms

Color changing LED fixtures were installed horiziontally and vertical white LED's installed in each of the pilasters. In the ceiling, recessed LED fixtures illuminated the ceiling coves and recessed downlights provide general lighting throughout. All lighting is controlled from the control booth at the rear of the theatre.


Color changing LED's from blue to red. Installation of the dimmable aisle lights recessed into the concrete deck along with the dimmable seat lights


Academy Theatre marquis with scrolling message board that is programmed via a network connection to the building's LAN


Elevator lobby with recessed track fixtures utilizing halogen lamps. Lighting illuminates Oscar, symbol for AMPAS

Vetro by Russo's on the Bay

In October 2009, we completed a 30,000sq ft. catering hall/restaurant owned by Mr. Frank Russo of Russo's on the Bay. Mr. Russo's latest endeavor is called Vetro, visit The project was a new construction right on the water in Howard Beach, NY. The project consisted of a 2000 amp building service feeding three floors and a roof for restaurant and catering services.

Much of the work was design build in nature, we installed a 150kw generator for lighting and refrigeration, NYFD approved fire alarm system, accent and general purpose lighting, HVAC power and control wiring, and data/telco wiring. The project includes three commercial kitchens and two, large wine temperature controlled rooms. The lighting dimming system we designed is the Lutron graphic eye system and is installed on each floor with keypads remotely located for control of each zone of lights. With the simple push of a button five different scenes can be achieved. Color changing LED lights in the restaurant and second floor catering room enhance the celebration and event. Color changing LED lighting was also installed in the sidewalk and on the exterior of the building. With the simple push of a button the lights change from green for St. Patrick's day to red for Valentine's day or red-white-blue for Independence day, sixteen different color changing schemes were programmed.

Color changing LED's reflecting off the water with bulkhead lighting

2nd Fl. lobby with Murano Glass chadelier
1600amp building service with MDP for building
Color changing Led's in restaurant

Nat'l Park Service - Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

We are particularly proud of our involvement on this project for the federal government. This was Breen Electrical Contractors Inc.'s first GREEN PROJECT. This project was designed to incorporate many of the green technologies that eventually qualified this facility at a LEED - Certified Gold Level!

We installed a lighting dimming system utilizing the Lutron line of dimming products. Since the majority of lights were florescent we installed dimmable ballasts throughout. The dimming was controlled by room lighting sensors which dimmed the lights according to the brightness of the sun. Cooling and heating was accomplished utilizing geothermal technology. Ground water pumps controlled by motor frequency drives fed constant 55 degree water into heat pumps and fan coil units for heating and air conditioning. A very elaborate control wiring installation was necessary to control pumps, motors and fans to utilize the geothermal source of energy. Finally, solar roof panels were installed to provide power to hot water heaters supplying water to bathrooms and an employee kitchen.

We also completed a FDNY approved fire system and installed the wiring for the computer LAN system, distributed video and telecom system.


HVAC system with temp controls and frequency Drives for motors

Geothermal heat and air with well points providing water from the ground.

Heat pumps for geothermal heating

Purvis Systems - FDNY Central Office Connections Citywide

We were asked to design and install a telecom backbone for each of the boro's call box circuits which branch out to each of the call boxes located on many of the street corners. as you may recall, during the Mayor Giulian's administration, these call boxes were disconnected from the FDNY network due to false alarms caused by shorts, opens and faults. Purvis Systems who maintained the individual boro central offices asked us to design a main distribution frame (MDF) which would eliminate the faults finding their way to the CO computers.

Here was the design task for each of the five boro:

  • design a secure cabinet containing all of the required components
  • terminate the field wiring from the street call boxes
  • provide a switch that will give a technician the ability to isolate the field wiring from the network computer in order to troubleshoot
  • provide clean connection to ground to establish zero reference for protection equipment
  • provide and install overcurrent device capable of tripping upon fault
  • provide and install Zenon gas lightning arrestors capable of opening upon high voltage spike
  • provide a termination for central office computers

We have successfully completed the design and installation. Each circuit in the cabinet has been tested for shorts and high voltage protection and each component is working properly. We are proud of our involvement with this project, especially the design/build requirement; accomplishing the design criteria and the successful installation in each of the five boros was a challenge we achieved!

Design/Build cabinets complete with lighting arrestors and circuit breakers

Boro wide call box wiring terminated within three cabinets

Phipps House - West 128th Street Apartments

New construction of a 28 unit apartment building completed and signed off four months ahead of schedule! The building has a 1600amp electrical service providing power to apartments, elevator, common areas, community area and sprinkler fire pump. Aside from the individual apartments general wiring, we installed a building fire system, CCTV system, intercom system, and voice/data/catv wiring throughout. Building systems were inspected and approved by NYC-DOB, FDNY and Con Edison.